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Adventure in São Tomé

Adventure in São Tomé

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Sao Tome and Principe appeared 15 and 30 million years ago.The highest peaks are Pico de Sao Tome and Pico do Principe. The Island is blessed with unique variety of flora and fauna with forest classified as the second most important in Africa for birds and group of other species studied by biologist from around the world.

Enjoy snorkeling or fishing as you observe exotic fishes, octopuses, corals, turtles, etc. in the clear and pristine waters of this beautiful Island.

Enjoy Principe Island, a unique destination with boat cruise with professional crews.

The center of the world also known as Point zero of longitude, the Equador at Ilheu das Rolas is a uniquely situated where the Equator line crosses the island. From there you can get wonderful views of the main island of Sao Tome. Sao Tome offers an extraordinary experience out of the ordinary in a very green environment where you are in tune with natures best.

The natural state of Sao Tome and Principe will enchant you.  The green vegetation and forest with beautiful birds and flora is just amazing. Príncipe, with its steep mountains is covered in thick jungle.

These two volcanic islands had never been part of the mainland, nor had they been inhabited until the Portuguese arrived.

A visit to a cocoa or coffee plantation by road is never boring as you see natures best gift to mankind. I call the green and untouched vegetation all over the island as a ‘state of natures vegetation’.


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